Love and marriage – What’s sexual preference got to do with it?!

As my partner and I travel through Europe it would seem that the topic of gay marriage is universally controversial. Yet in every country we visit and place we stay there are same sex couples who are obviously sharing life in a loving relationship.     As I have discussed in previous blogs,  the fact that two people who love each other want to make a public statement of their commitment to each other is surely something to encourage and respect, regardless of their sexual preference.

Arguments such as marriage being a sacred institution for a man and a woman to commit to sharing their lives ‘forever after’ and to conceive and raise children make little sense in today’s world when…

Wedding vows would seem between heterosexuals often seem to be almost as disposable as tissue paper given the high rate of divorce…within months if not days it would seem for some seeking media notoriety rather than a committed relationship.

Many heterosexual couples could be deemed ‘the marrying kind’, making commitment vows that lead to serial divorce and remarriage on one or more occasions during their lifetime.

A large percentage of couples who do make marriage vows do so at ages beyond those of childbearing years.

A large and ever increasing percentage of heterosexual couples who marry remain childless be this through choice or circumstance.

So many couples who share life in a quality relationship today are gay.

Both heterosexual and gay couples who are unable to conceive naturally can do so through IVF or adoption.

The time has come for us to focus on encouraging quality, committed relationships that are supported and respected by the community, regardless of whether the couple are homo or hetero sexual.

The bond between two people who love each other is surely the foundation of the future of relationships…and of society.   To make a public statement recognising this union by taking marriage vows is something we should regard as a birth right rather than ‘sacred’.


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