Too little quality time with your partner?

A holiday together can do wonders for your relationship!

I am currently on a cruise ship in the Baltic Sea.  On board are couples of all ages from many countries…and all would seem to be having a great time together be this sharing meals and activities on their own or with fellow travelers. Given that everything is provided for and the everyday stresses are left behind, there is a real – and in today’s world it would seem rare- opportunity for couples to enjoy spending time with each other, be this relaxing or sightseeing

Like many a woman, my ‘to do’ lists of the everyday at work and at home can make it difficult to appreciate simple pleasures that sharing life as partners could  offer each day. Opportunities for intimacy and communication are all too often limited by the demands of business and family commitments.

Given that these days over 40% of marriages in the western world are likely to end in divorce within seven years, surely there is something going very wrong with how we live as partners in the stressful world of today. Yet the stats are not surprising if we realise that so many of we women are pumping adrenaline and stress hormones in order to manage the challenges of career and family that there can be little time or inclination to be close to the man who shares our life. All too often a relationship ends with a man stunned to learn that his partner has been dissatisfied…the failure to connect and communicate has led to misunderstanding, distress and disillusion.

In a number of previous items, I have referred to the negative impact that stress can have on our health and our relationships.  The good news is that a relatively stress free holiday such as a cruise can provide valuable opportunities for real communication and intimacy. Taking time away to share enjoyable experiences with our partner can help us to communicate and ensure that our relationship strengthens rather than disintegrates with pressures that are part and parcel of everyday.

Plan now to take a holiday – even a weekend away!  It could be the best step you could take to insure your future happiness together.

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