Why should a woman be like a man?

…if it is not good for her health or her personal life!

Succeed as a woman first and foremost

Recently there have been a spate of books and items in the press and online encouraging women to be tough and more like a guy when it comes to business.  Surely the time has come to question whether the only way we women can succeed if we are ambitious is to behave  ‘as if a man’.  If we are aiming high, it is important for our well-being that we  take conscious steps to take care of our feminine essence!

There is no doubt that the focus of we women on achieving ‘as if a man’ is having serious consequences for many on our physical  and psychological well-being – and our personal life – be we single or partnered.Today, taking antidepressants seems to have become almost as common and accepted as the daily dose of vitamins.  Delaying having children – often until too late- is but another of the distressing potential consequences for many a woman whose aim is “to make it to the top”.

There is no doubt that stress is a very destructive, constant companion in the life of millions of woman today.  Alarming – and mounting – evidence includes women as young as 30 now having heart attacks.  Yet constant stress is not a surprising outcome if we women pump testosterone and cortisol as we strive to meet the demands of our careers.  It is also no wonder that so many successful yet ‘manly’ women can find it very difficult to conceive – and if they do, to miscarry.

Over my many years as a matchmaker I have consulted a large number of single women who have succeeded at work at the expense of their personal life  All too often I have  heard  a woman at the top of her career wonder why she is alone when she would prefer to be sharing life with a great guy.  Alas, while  her achievements and independence may be respected by the type of man she seeks, all too often the feminine attributes he desires in the woman have not been apparent in her!

Take time out each day to take care of  the woman you are – and make sure that the strength of  your feminine essence shines through as you live each day!


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