Are you a woman who’d like to have more fulfilment?

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...and prefer to share your life with a man?

I am concerned that so many women of today are so stressed…and alone. Maybe like a large percentage of us, you too are not finding the fulfilment you believed you would in your demanding career. Even if you are, it is likely that you too may be finding that you have very little time to have a life outside of your work.

We live in a time where the assumptions that you could have in 1976 when I first opened the doors of my consultancy are no longer valid. Many a woman of today who had thought she would meet her ‘Mr Right’, marry and have children is still single in her 40s and 50s and childless. Those who do have the good fortune to meet an eligible man and wed or live in a de facto relationship with him do so knowing that the union has over a 40% chance of not lasting for more than 7 years.

It is hard to believe that as recently as but four decades ago something like 90 per cent of people walked down the aisle – or through the doors of a registry office.  Then young men and women assumed they would marry and they did. It did not matter whether they were tall or short, fat or thin, very intelligent or otherwise, beautiful or plain. Nowadays, in many societies, the trend is the predominannt household type will that with a person alone.

There’s nothing wrong with people living singly be this on their own or in shared households. Yet it is a sad fact that many who single today would prefer to be sharing life with a partner. If this applies to you I recommend you take stock of your life and changes you could make to achieve what is most important to you…including your needs as a woman when it comes to your personal life.

2 thoughts on “Are you a woman who’d like to have more fulfilment?

  1. I meet many women who feel like this. I do and I know many intelligent women who have struggled with the current belief that the online dating sites are the only way to meet eligible men. Many have encountered “scammers” and/or men who are unable to communicate or commit. I believe that the role your company plays is crucial and it is unfortunate that there are not more professional matchmaking business around the country with your ethics and integrity.

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