Some dos and don’ts when dating a woman with a career!

A successful woman

As a matchmaker I have often heard single men say that they find it difficult to know if a woman who works in a business or professional role is interested or available…even after a first date. It seems that the supposedly innate flirting response has gone missing! Unfortunately, this is not surprising given that these days many women who have demanding careers conceal their softer, more feminine attributes as they strive to achieve.

When you have an initial date with a woman with a demanding career, I strongly recommend avoiding conversations to do with her work…it will prevent her from relaxing. Topics of conversations about common interests such as travel, movies, sport or music can help you to both to be at ease.  Activities such as visiting an art gallery after a morning coffee then sharing lunch,  or walking in the botanical gardens or along a beach while chatting can help to bring her feminine self to the fore.

If you arrange to meet after work, be aware that the demands of her day may have left her stressed and needing to unwind. Talking about topics unrelated to work over a glass of wine or dinner will help her to enjoy the moment and boost her feel good hormones!

Be aware that the tendency these days for women to focus ‘as if a man’ can conceal feminine attributes that you can help to flourish as you get to know each other. It is worthwhile having a second date unless there is no likelihood of friendship which is the basis of any potential relationship.

Don’t assume she isn’t interested in seeing you again unless she says so.

Do focus on enjoying being in the present.

Don’t look for what is missing at the outset

If you have enjoyed your time together, do let her know that you will contact her within a few days …and do so!


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So many of can be blind when it comes to recognising a potential Mr/Ms Right!

If you’re on your own when you would prefer to be sharing life with a partner, I suggest that you take time to consider what really matters when it comes that ‘special someone’.  Perhaps, like many discerning singles, you have been   limiting your chances of finding and keeping love for reasons that are worth questioning…such as that they must have a particular interest!

Maybe as for Jane,  a woman who contacted my consultancy recently, by narrowing the field of potential partners you are causing yourself unnecessary and perhaps lasting disappointment. As many a successful lawyer, Jane’s focus has been on her demanding career…at the expense of her personal life.  Now, at the age of 41, she is feeling pressure to have a child before it’s too late. Continue reading

Are you an ambitious, achieving woman who struggles to ‘have it all’?

                                         YOU ARE NOT ON YOUR OWN!

In recent weeks there has been much mention in the media highlighting the decision of one of Hilary Clintons’ senior members of staff, Anne-Marie Slaughter, to resign from her very successful, demanding career citing her desire to be at home with her family as the reason.  As an achiever myself, I respect her controversial decision to speak out publicly re the concerns she has for women who have followed the feminist credo at the expense of their personal happiness and relationships. Continue reading