A first date is just the beginning!

There’s much more to me than what you first see!

Don’t let  your expectations blind you to the potential opportunities of an initial meeting

While my consultancy has been described as being ‘Australia’s leading matchmakers’, an important aspect of our role when introducing potential partners is that of an ‘opportunity broker’.  Unfortunately all too often a first date ends up in disappointment and an abrupt ending when It could have offered so much more.  We always recommend getting together a second time.

Given my background in psychology and my work as a human relations consultant and matchmaker, I am aware of how much there can be to gain if each encounter we have is experienced with an open mind and a positive attitude.  Over the years, thousands of our clients have become more aware of their real needs and expectations as they have met potential partners. They have also had the opportunity to practice their dating skills – an important one being how to turn a first date into a second!

If you go on a first date with the view that it is either ‘on or not on’, or focus on what is missing rather than enjoying what is, you are likely to end up disappointed and disillusioned…and at home alone when you could be sharing.  Many of our clients have formed lasting friendships that have opened new networks as well as opportunities for enjoying shared interests and activities together.

The expectation of ‘instant chemistry’ can lead us to dismiss someone who could be a friend – and much more – if only we opened our hearts as well as our eyes through getting to know each other over more than just one encounter!