Why is Gen Y such a lonely crowd?

What might this mean for the future of relationships?

Given my concern for the future of relationships, my blogs will often explore reasons I see for the apparent breakdown in the bonds that once held us together. I was therefore Interested and disturbed – but not surprised – to read in the Sydney Morning Herald, July 20, that in a recent survey conducted by Relationships Australia, 30% of those aged 25 to 34 indicated they were frequently lonely, far more than any other age group. The second most lonely were those aged 18-24, 19% of them stating they were frequently lonely.





Source   SMH July 20, 201

It is ironic that a major reason for so many who are under 35 feeling lonely today is the connectivity that the internet and mobile technology makes possible!  As the survey revealed there are strong links between a tendency to connect online with loneliness. Continue reading