Are you a woman who has a never-ending ‘to dos’ list?

Join the crowd!

Too many to dos!

Most of we women of today juggle so many different demands in our work and our personal lives that there is very little time in a day when we feel able to just relax and enjoy the moment.   All too often, nagging thoughts about things not yet commenced or completed can mar moments of pleasure – and have a negative impact on our lives and relationships.  If we are not vigilant, the stress associated with yet ‘to do’ tasks can have a negative impact on our health and happiness…and our relationship with a partner. Continue reading

‘Why didn’t he – or she – contact me again?

Are you one of the millions of women – or men –  who has asked yourself this question?

The sounds of silence

Two recent articles ‘The ex factor’ and ‘Q&A’
in The Sunday Age Extra (April 1) highlight the
distress and disappointment many a woman experiences when a first date – or a  relationship – comes to a halt without their knowing why.   A new website, WotWentWrong, has been  created to provide a way to encourage guys to end the sounds of silence by  giving reasons for the unhappy ending.

While the creator of this website, Audrey
Melnik, has only taken it from the stranded gals point of view,  I applaud this attempt to encourage feedback  from the guys concerned… especially as all too often we women can imagine all  sorts of explanations that preoccupy our minds day and night-  and which may have nothing to do with the  reality.  To know why he did not choose  to contact us again when we thought that the date had been mutually enjoyable –  or our relationship held real promise – can be very helpful as well as reducing  the chatter of our minds and our loss of shut eye.

Since 1976 when I first opened the doors of my  consultancy for discerning men and women seeking partners, feedback after an  initial date has been invaluable in assisting us to help our clients of both  sexes to achieve their relationship goals.
Often we are unaware of how we are perceived by others, of our behaviour
or mannerisms that may not be attractive especially on a first date which can
be stressful…especially if we would really like to impress!  Constructive feedback can help us to turn our next promising date into something more!

To hear some tips from me about understanding  differences between men and women, especially when it comes to a first date and a potential relationships, listen to my audio ‘Winning with the opposite sex’.