The atomic household can be a health hazard!

Community-focused living is an answer!

Friendship and support

In an earlier item Live alone and feel isolated? .I referred to an initiative in Denmark  that is very positive approach to helping to prevent problems associated with loneliness and social isolation that are so prevalent today.

For years the Danes have had community housing that is purposefully designed in which singles, couples and families have their own private dwelling but also have a large kitchen and dining complex in which they  can connect and share meals seemed a very positive initiative to me.  Continue reading

Does a lack of self-confidence ever ruin your chances of friendship – or romance?

Don’t let a fear of rejection get in the way of your turning a first encounter into a second!
It is quite common after we have introduced a couple, for one – or both! – to provide feedback after a first meeting that they would like to see the other again…but don’t think the feeling to be mutual.  Alas all too often such doubts have nothing to do with the perceptions of their date – who may well be feeling uncertain themselves for similar reasons!

Recently ‘Sue’, an attractive, delightful client had a date with ‘Ian’, an interesting, successful and intelligent man she had agreed to meet..  Both had read each other’s profile and both were looking forward to the date they had arranged to share time and conversation over drinks at a pleasant hotel that Saturday afternoon. Continue reading

Baby on the back burner?

If you are a woman who’d like to have one or more children read on…


Assume that you’ll meet that special man and raise a family, once you have established your career?

In a committed relationship, focused on career and delaying having children?


For ever-increasing numbers of women today, the achievements gained over recent decades have come at an unexpected cost. There’s a lot of grief and enduring disappointment because they do not have the children they’d assumed would be theirs one day.

As a human relationship consultant I’ve heard hundreds of women in their forties and fifties tell of their feelings of sadness and loss because they will never have a child of their own. Continue reading

Time for a New Gender Agenda?

There have been dramatic changes in Western society in the last 40 years when it comes to the expectations we have as men and women, of our lives and relationships. Women can now expect to achieve similarly to a man in the world beyond the home. No longer do the limits imposed by the traditional gender roles, apply: the male as protector and provider; the woman as carer and nurturer.

Yes, these days it is normal for a woman to succeed in roles that until recently were the domain of men. However, it is apparent that some of the gains women have achieved in recent decades have come at considerable cost… for both sexes. Liberation from traditional gender roles has been accompanied by a high incidence of relationship breakdown and divorce – and millions of men and women living singly today when they would prefer to be partnered. Continue reading