Single? Beware of expecting ‘instant chemistry’…

Beware instant chemistry!

Beware instant chemistry!

…it can blind us from the potential of a great partnership – and leave us  disillusioned and alone!

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In this brief video clip from my address to a conference of matchmakers in Florida in March this year,  I raise an issue that I’ve referred to in previous insights that is causing a great deal of disappointment for singles seeking love…       … the expectation that they will be smitten at first sight when they meet ‘the one’ with whom they will share their life. 

Yet all too often this is an expectation of high chemistry at the outset can not only blind us from a potentially great relationship – but also leave us disillusioned and alone.

There is no doubt that sexual attraction is usually an important ingredient of a partnership.  However, the rush of hormones that accompanies ‘love at first sight’ is usually more to do with perpetuation of the species than compatibility when it comes to sharing the ups and downs of life.

Indeed, as I have also mentioned previously, experts in the field of love and attraction will go so far as to say that if the instant chemistry is a 9 or 10 it is wise to run the other way!

Lasting chemistry  is likely to last comes from a relationship with someone you  really care for the more that you get to know them…and  from being known and appreciated for who you really are, warts and all!

Are you armoured like an armadillo?

Tough on the outside but soft inside?

You can't hurt me!

You can’t hurt me!

Given that Yvonne Allen and Associates has assisted thousands of discerning single men and women to meet a potential partner, it is not surprising that our consultants have heard countless stories about promising partnerships that have not really got off the ground – and relationships that  ended in disillusion, distress and disappointment.  Often our consultants play an important role in helping our clients to recognise that  what they’d perceived as a disaster can be a valuable turning point offering opportunities for new beginnings, growth and fulfilment Continue reading