Too little quality time with your partner?

A holiday together can do wonders for your relationship!

I am currently on a cruise ship in the Baltic Sea.  On board are couples of all ages from many countries…and all would seem to be having a great time together be this sharing meals and activities on their own or with fellow travelers. Given that everything is provided for and the everyday stresses are left behind, there is a real – and in today’s world it would seem rare- opportunity for couples to enjoy spending time with each other, be this relaxing or sightseeing Continue reading

Has the concept of ‘commitment’ lost ‘currency’?

Is this why relationships seem as disposable as tissues today?

Once upon a time – only decades ago – when we met our mate and married we made vows to stay together as a couple. Whether the commitment to share life proved to be for better or for worse or for richer or poorer most stayed together until death they did part.

How times have changed!   These days the high divorce rate tells tale of distress and disillusion for over 40% of couples who have made marriage vows to be together for ‘a lifetime’.  While we may not have the stats to reveal the percentage of de facto relationships that also end on the rocks despite their apparent commitment to each other, the number is likely to be much higher. Continue reading