Valentine’s reminds us of the joy of love and romance…

… but it can also prompt feelings of loneliness and disappointment

Thinking of you

Thinking of you!

In the western world, February 14 is the day millions of cards, red roses and boxes of chocolates are sent to celebrate the joy that love can bring.  However, for those who are single but would prefer to be sharing life with a partner, Valentine’s can be somewhat difficult if not depressing.

While I am not keen on Valentine’s style commercilisation of the romance of love, I do think there are positives in being reminded of how important it is to love and be loved. Appreciating that there are one or more people in our lives who really matter to us is key to our health and happiness as a human being.

Regardless of whether you are single or partnered, I encourage you to be prompted by the Valentine’s celebrations to take time to  think about those you care for – and those you would like to be closer to – and contact them.

Making a phone call or sending an email or text to say ‘hi’ may not bring the zing of roses and romantic love…but it will help your feel good hormones to rise and make this a special time regardless!