Too little quality time with your partner?

A holiday together can do wonders for your relationship!

I am currently on a cruise ship in the Baltic Sea.  On board are couples of all ages from many countries…and all would seem to be having a great time together be this sharing meals and activities on their own or with fellow travelers. Given that everything is provided for and the everyday stresses are left behind, there is a real – and in today’s world it would seem rare- opportunity for couples to enjoy spending time with each other, be this relaxing or sightseeing Continue reading

Men shed stress in sheds!

Are you…

…a guy with lots of spare time on your hands and life seems to lack purpose?


…a woman who has a man in her life with too little too keep him occupied?

 The Men’s Shed Movement may hold the answer!

An article by Kate Legge in The Weekend Australian Magazine, June 25-26, 2011 gives valuable insights into how important having a sense of purpose and connecting in friendship with other men can be for a man’s health and happiness.

Men who have felt depressed tell how working on a project in a shed shared with other guys while enjoying occasional conversation and camaraderie has helped bring sunshine and meaning to their lives.  Though guys may not communicate with the flow of words and feelings typical of women, it would seem that simply being together with other blokes, focusing on a task and talking ‘men’s talk’ can give their feel good hormones a life changing boost. Continue reading

Are you a woman who feels isolated at times of stress?

For most women, feeling connected and being able to share our thoughts and feelings is a major source of our happiness and wellbeing. This is especially the case when we’re stressed or disappointed, be it at the workplace or in our personal lives. At such times of distress, talking, and feeling ‘heard’, helps our feel good hormones to rise and bring light when things seem grey.

Unfortunately, for many of us, the pressures of our busy lives do not allow us the opportunity to connect in ways that relieve out stress.

Perhaps you spend your day in an environment where talking about personal concerns is likely to be regarded as unacceptable, a breach of unspoken rules? Continue reading