Matchmakers share insights re matters of the heart!

idate talk fest in Las Vegas

Love and marriage

Last week I attended the matchmakers section of the idate conference in Las Vegas.  The four day event offered a valuable opportunity to meet and mingle with colleagues worldwide.  Given that I have been a human relations consultant and ‘matchmaker’ for more than 36 years I suspect I would have won the award for the longest in the business if there were such a prize to be had! 

 I found it refreshing to share ideas and experiences with other professionals who genuinely want to assist singles to find a partner and have a great relationship.   It was also interesting to compare notes with representatives from several of the different countries represented as to how to work most effectively work in this challenging, much needed area of endeavour.  I was delighted that the majority of the matchmakers present included opportunities for their clients to increase the likelihood of achieving their relationship goals by offering dating coaching and support.

Unfortunately there were only one or two sessions attended by both those working as offline matchmakers/dating coaches and those in the business of online dating.   However, during breaks and when socialising,  I enjoyed several informal discussions about how experienced professionals who work at a personal level could also share their knowledge to achieve better outcomes for those dating online.

Hopefully in the near future millions of singles who are dating online will be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of professional matchmakers and coaches.




The atomic household can be a health hazard!

Community-focused living is an answer!

Friendship and support

In an earlier item Live alone and feel isolated? .I referred to an initiative in Denmark  that is very positive approach to helping to prevent problems associated with loneliness and social isolation that are so prevalent today.

For years the Danes have had community housing that is purposefully designed in which singles, couples and families have their own private dwelling but also have a large kitchen and dining complex in which they  can connect and share meals seemed a very positive initiative to me.  Continue reading

Ever had a promising first date turn into a disaster?

Read on to see that in even the stickiest of circumstances, courtesy and a quick wit can save the day!

On the Tonight show in the US recently, viewers were in stitches as they heard stories about first dates that had been a disaster. TV show host Jay Leno recently went into the audience in search of the most embarrassing first date that a woman ever had. Continue reading

Are Aussie families a dying breed?

Could friendship be the essential foundation for the future of relationships…and our society??

I read with interest and concern the Special Report ‘Families under threat’ in the Herald Sun, 9/10/11.

I was not surprised by predictions it contained that the nuclear family unit is buckling under modern pressures. and that increasingly vast numbers of Australians will be living in homes alone….estimated to be 31% by 2026 if current trends continue.  Indeed, as can be seen from several of my previous blogs,  e.g. …I believe this dramatic change in our social profile is something that must be recognised – and addressed – if we are to have a happy society rather than one plagued by loneliness and social isolation. Continue reading