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Since 1976, I have been in an unusual position to witness significant changes in our expectations as men and women living and loving together.

Over the many years, my consultancy Yvonne Allen and Associates has assisted thousands of discerning men and women to achieve their relationship goals.

However the challenges are different and more daunting as is evidenced by the observations and statistics such as…

“These days we can no longer assume we will marry and have children.  Recent census statistics suggest that by 2020 up to 25% of households in Australia will be occupied by women on their own. The good news is that to live singly is now regarded as an acceptable lifestyle – and is indeed a preferable option for many.

However, whereas in 1976 it was unusual not be married by 30, today an ever increasing number of the singles in their 40’s and 50’s who are partner seeking have not had a significant relationship let alone a marriage.

For women who wanted to have a family but are no longer able to have children, this can cause a huge sense of loss and disappointment.”

“It is no wonder that many a single who would like to have a partner will say that they are wary of ‘commitment’. Those who formally commit to their relationship do so knowing that there is about a 50% likelihood of their union ending in divorce.

They are aware that for many, marriage is no longer likely to be ‘until death us do part’. ”

I believe that the time has come to look at the reasons why relationships between men and women have become so seemingly fraught….and ways that we can enjoy the benefits that living and loving together can bring to our lives.

It would seem to me that in our world of today, that building bridges of understanding between the sexes is key to creating and sustaining stellar relationships, be this in our personal lives or the workplace.

Recent research into gender differences gives me hope that we can stem the tide that is leaving so many men and women alone when they would prefer to be in a great partnership.

Whether you are single or in a partnership, I am committed to sharing any information, insights and news that is relevant to your finding more fulfilment in your life and in your relationships.

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3 thoughts on “Relationships with Yvonne Allen

  1. I would lke to thank Yvonne Allen for their introduction to a wonderful woman. I was sent the profile of Joan and almost disregarded it as there was nearly 12 years difference in ages, also she a Catholic and me an Athiest. I had intended to tick the ‘ no I am not interested box’, but inadvertently ticked the wrong box. Everything went against us at the start as she sent me a text message which I didn’t see for about a week, not being a mobile phone freek in those days. When I did answer her message I was suprised to learn that it was a week old. However we did decide to meet up for a coffee. Here again it almost ended right there, I wore a yellow shirt and it turned out she hated yellow. However there must have been some attraction as we went on that afternoon to having a meal together.
    To cut a long story short, and despite those first few problems, we ended up getting married and bying a house together on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We had a wonderful couple of married years together and found that our different beliefs weren’t a problem as we each accepted each others point of view, realising it was each individuals way of coping with life.
    Unfortunately after two years of marriage Joan was diagnosed with cancer and after a mercifully short period died. I was shattered at the loss of my wonderful companion, but we had such fantastic times together in that short period, that reflecting on those times, helped me get through those dark days.
    I will always be very gratefull to Yvonne Allen for introducing me to such a vibrant person and for giving us those wonderful years together.

  2. Than you Cirei for you your words of appreciation. I am determined to do what I can to build bridges of understanding between the sexes so that we can more love and joy in our lives.

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